Q: Can my loft be converted?

A: Most people who look up into their loft see that they have no means of using it as a room, because of all the ‘W’ shaped roof trusses that form the structure of the roof. We can remove these and construct steel or timber trusses which run the length of the loft and provide all the support necessary.

Q: Is my loft too small?

A: In order to comply with Building Regulations, the loft has to be a minimum of 2.4m or 7’8″ at its highest point (i.e. the apex of the roof). Those measurements are taken from the top surface of the ceiling boards below, to the felt at the very apex of the roof. With that in mind, we can make the most of even the smallest lofts with the imaginative use of dormer windows and staircase positioning.

Q: How long does a loft conversion take?

A: For an average sized home, from commencement of work, we would normally be complete in an average of 8-10 weeks depending on the size and scope of works.

Q: How much does a loft conversion cost?

A: The cost of a loft conversion varies significantly from project to project. We offer an online estimate service to enable customers to receive an initial loft conversion cost estimate via email, typically within approx. 45 minutes. Whilst this is subject to survey and dependant on the information provided it does provide a useful starting point for budgeting purposes. Please contact us, to provide some basic requirements and obtain an estimate today.

Q: Will I need a Dormer Window?

A: Nearly all loft conversions can have a dormer window, which can provide useful extra space in a tight loft, and add light and outlook to a room. Some smaller lofts may require a dormer at the top of the stairs to provide the necessary headroom as you climb the stairs into the loft.

Q: What about planning permission?

A: Planning permission is required in some circumstances. Alblofts Loft are experienced in handling planning applications.

Q: Will I need to arrange Building Regulations Approval and will that be an additional cost?

A: Alb Loft are used to dealing with Building Control and we will complete all necessary paperwork for you. The costs for these are detailed within your quotation.

Q: I have a water tank and a chimney in my loft, is that a problem?

A: Using our own plumbers we can easily reposition any plumbing to maximize usable space in the loft. Chimney stacks usually have to remain in position, although can be removed, often subject to planning.

Q: Do you complete loft conversions in my region and can I speak to other customers?

A: Alb Loft work nationally and have completed conversions in most counties of the UK. View a map of our national loft conversion locations here, we are always looking to complete the remaining regions and are happy to arrange references, calls and visits.

Q: My home is timber framed, is this a problem when completing a loft conversion?

A: Alb Loft have undertaken conversions of timber framed properties throughout the UK and Scotland.

Q: I'd like a bathroom in the loft conversion, what impact does this have?

A: Bathrooms do require additional considerations, particularly ensuring the water supply to the loft is sufficient to meet your expectations. Often when placing a bathroom in a loft we recommend removing traditional tanks and installing an unvented water system. When designing your conversion, the position of existing bathroom services (soil and water etc.) will be taken into consideration to ensure services are available. Your surveyor would be happy to discuss these options with you.

Q: How much space will I realistically achieve from a loft conversion?

A: This is entirely dependant on the size of your property and height of your loft today. By completing our Loft Conversion estimate request we will be able to provide you with an idea of the floor area available and a conversion estimate.

Q: Do you provide Velux Windows as part of the loft conversion?

A: Your surveyor will work with you to specify roof windows and dormer windows to achieve your objectives. At Alb Lofts we use only industry leading Velux roof windows that, we feel, provide more flexible solutions together with outstanding reliability and after sales support.

Q: Have you ever installed a Velux ATS roof Terrace System?

A: Alb Lofts has undertaken conversions utilising at some stage most of the Velux window range including ATS and Cabrio balcony system. We pride ourselves on using the Velux ‘bringing light to life’ concept!

Q: My house is quite large and others have told me it would be too difficult to undertake a loft conversion, what's the problem?

A: Larger properties may present difficulties in terms of the structural elements that must be used when converting the loft space. Some companies may be uncomfortable with this. Alb Lofts are experienced in converting larger properties and our steel installation teams have sufficient experience to undertake the structural works required.

Q: How will a loft conversions affect my home?

A: Alb Lofts undertakes all conversions to cause as little disruption as possible to our clients. You will be able to remain living in the property throughout the conversion. Our staff are experienced working in domestic clients and will leave your home in a habitable, clean and safe condition each evening. Whilst working we will advise your of health and safety risks in accordance with our policy and provide notice of any daily works that may affect you.

Q: I'd like to complete part of the conversion myself to reduce cost, do you offer a DIY loft conversion option?

A: Alb Lofts offer a structural only service that typically includes the structural elements, staircase and windows to be completed by other parties, all works would be completed to comply with current building regulations. We are happy to tailor our services to suit customer requirements and further details can be found on our Product and Services section.

Q: How does the cost of a dormer loft conversion increase compared to a velux only?

A: An individual dormer window does increase the cost of the conversion, however these do provide additional space within the conversion and in some cases are a requirement. Where dormer windows are not required, a number of Velux windows can be used and combined to created larger banks of windows that will allow more light into a room than a dormer window. A large bank of the larger Velux windows will often be comparable in cost to that of a single dormer window.

Q: I have a Town House with existing 2nd floor, can you convert the loft?

A: We can and have converted 2nd floor town houses to 3rd floor. Town Houses do suit building regulations for loft conversions as they typically already have the relevant fire doors and smoke detectors. Recent alterations to building regulations and specifically fire regulations have altered the requirements for means of escape. However our surveyors will advise of these when undertaking a survey.

Q: Are there any alterations required to my property to accommodate the loft conversion?

A: Some alterations maybe required, the extent depending typically on the current layout and staircase requirements to the new floor. To ensure compliance with local authority building regulations we must ensure, amongst others, fire and access regulations are met. To achieve this typically requires replacement of some doors to the existing property. As part of the conversion a new staircase will be installed that will require some modifications. However typically these will be installed over an existing staircase or wth some modification to an existing room. Your surveyor will assist in advising on any alterations required and advising a solution to minimise the effects as much as possible.

Q: I'd like a games room with a pool table in the loft conversion, is this possible?

A: Yes, conversions provide a floor with no less loading capability that a standard domestic floor.

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