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Loft Types

Roof Light or Velux Conversion

Converting your existing loft space without changing the existing shape of your property. Adding velux windows to create natural light and ventilation.


An extension to your roof giving more headroom and greater loft space. Dormers can be placed on the rear, front or side of the property. Rear dormers are the most popular. Dormers can accommodate windows and French doors. Velux windows can be placed on the front of the roof creating natural light and ventilation to all rooms.


This enables you to achieve maximum loft space.

The conversion goes up to the apex of the roof space. Windows, French doors and velux windows can be inserted into the Mansard.

Hip to Gable

Extend your existing hip ended roof into a gable ended roof gives more headroom and greater loft space.

A rear dormer can also be erected to this type of conversion.

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