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Planning Permission

When applying for planning permission the criteria a loft conversion must meet differs depending on your local authority. However, taking into account the following points should assist you with your planning application:Place the dormer at the rear of your house


Avoid placing a dormer on the side roof of a dwelling. The planning department may oppose it as they feel it makes the property look unbalanced and could encroach on the surrounding properties privacy

Avoid placing a dormer on the front of the property. It could be argued that it has an impact on its surroundings and can easily spoil the character not only of the property itself but also the area as a whole. Use roof lights instead

Ensure that the dormer is not out of proportion to the overall area of the roof
Try to keep the top of the dormer below the existing roofline
Ensure that some of the existing roof to both sides and below is left – do not cover the whole area of your roof with a dormer

The appearance of your dormer should match the existing roof as closely as possible
Position windows so that they are set well in from your party boundaries
Ensure that windows in your dormer match the existing ones on your property as closely as possible and look directly onto your own garden, not into your neighbours

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